Truth time, friends. I do not restrict myself when it comes to eating, because I don’t believe that restricting or judging food as good or bad supports my overall health.

I often eat for emotional reasons - both to share joy and to seek comfort. And it’s alllll gooood. 

Health is more than just our fitness levels or how many veggies we consume. Health is mental, emotional, physical. It is affected by our social locations of race, economics, age, gender, status and ability. It is affected by the traumas we have survived.

Turning to food as one of our tools of support is perfectly reasonable human behaviour.

Food plays an integral part in our health in myriad ways: food is for celebrating, for grieving, for nutrition, for survival, for energy, for pleasure, for comfort, for sharing. Food nourishes.

I encourage you to consider that the real problem may lie not with emotional eating, but rather with the judgement of emotional eating. 

Cheers to good health and great food. 

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